Back to School Has Never Tasted Better

Back to School Has Never Tasted Better

We are sure you’ve heard the commercials or seen some of the many sales signs already, and whether you are ready to accept it or not, in just a matter of weeks another school year is upon us. Maybe your little one is starting Kindergarten, maybe your oldest is transitioning into high school, or maybe you have a child leaving the nest to embark on their University adventure. Whatever the case may be, this time of year can be exciting and chaotic all at once!

Over the years, evidence has shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that having a healthy meal can make an impact on an individual’s success – whether that be a grade school student getting valued nutrients to power the brain, aiding a teacher with enough energy to make it through a school day, or helping an individual concentrate and create success in their career or studies. Indulging in a nutritious and wholesome breakfast will fuel the brain and give your body the energy it needs to kick-start the day!

On a busy morning as you hustle to get the kids out the door on time, popping something in the toaster may seem like the most convenient option, but is it the healthiest? As another school year approaches we encourage you to add Torill’s Table waffles to your breakfast menu. They can easily be whipped up and made in the morning, or you can prepare them on a Sunday night and keep them in the fridge or freezer for later in the week. Just reheat them in the waffle iron or oven and you will have fresh waffles all over again!

Torill’s Table waffles will not only give you a wholesome breakfast but also a great lunch option, after-school snack or untraditional dinner, because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

Filled with quality ingredients such as flaxseed meal, oats, ground almonds and whole-wheat flour (also available in a gluten-free option), Torill’s Table waffles are a source of protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates to keep your body fueled and sustained at any time of the day!

Not only will our heart-shaped pieces of goodness provide a fun new way for your younger ones to enjoy a meal or snack but sending your University-bound student off with mix will assure you that they consume wholesome ingredients as a part of their diet.

Let’s all come together to make going back to school a little less hectic and a lot more indulgent!

To get you set up for success in this coming school year, use the code BACKTOSCHOOL2018 for 15% off Starter Sets and Everything Sets on our website until 11:59pm September 7th!

3 Easy Ways to add Waffles to your Back to School Routine

1.Ham & Cheese Waffle Sandwiches OR PB&J Waffle Sandwiches

Your kids will love these adorable and wholesome alternatives to regular sandwiches!

2. Bacon and Eggs Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Check out the recipe here

3. Waffle Pizza

A perfect wholesome alternative for your university-bound child!



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