Father's, We Love Them a Waffle Lot

Father's, We Love Them a Waffle Lot

Father’s Day is a little over a week away, but we think it’s important to start thinking about why we celebrate our dads on this special day.

There’s nothing like a good dad joke to make you cringe with embarrassment as a kid. But whether you now love the puns your dad cracks or you still hope he doesn’t tell them to your friends, you can’t help but smile when he laughs at his own joke.

But that’s what dads do, they support us, they love us, and they embarrass us our whole lives. Father’s Day is about celebrating all the Dad-isms we normally take for granted and to show him how much we appreciate him for all that he does.

One of our favourite way to celebrate Father’s Day is by throwing him a backyard BBQ. Even though he will insist on being on the grill, he will love spending the night with his family!

This year, instead of the classic steak or hotdogs, add a fun twist to the menu by adding in our mouth-watering Norwegian waffles. Our Waffle Dog is a hit with dads, not only does it let him keep control of the BBQ, but it will add the perfect amount of sweet to this savoury celebration.

A Waffle Dog, for those who don’t know, is a hot dog or sausage wrapped in a Torill’s Table original waffle (or gluten-free waffle for any celiac fathers) topped with all of their favourite condiments and best served alongside a cold beer! If you don’t already have a bag of our waffle mix, there’s still time to order online or grab a bag from one our retailers before the big day!

Treat Dad to only the best this Father’s day, stock the fridge with Alberta farmed sausage and bacon, buy his favourite local maple syrup – we love Cosman and Webb’s pure maple syrup – and spend an evening listening to his bad jokes and laughing about your childhood stories. Because that’s all he really wants for Father’s Day, quality time spent with those he loves.

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