Weddings & Waffles are the Perfect Pairing

Weddings & Waffles are the Perfect Pairing

Brunch weddings have been trending for a while now, and it’s no surprise that they have been gaining popularity. The mid-day wedding makes room for a non-traditional reception and is a budget-friendly option for brides who are looking to save while still having a fun and romantic setting.

Sunny and warm, a brunch wedding reception is a celebration full of light and laughter. Tables lined up across a green lawn, flowers blowing in the breeze and the warm vanilla scent of waffles in the air will pull on the heart-strings (and appetite) of your guests.

Waffles may not be new to the brunch wedding scene, but a full waffle wedding reception is an idea we couldn’t resist. From a loaded waffle bar to waffle wedding cakes there are so many ways to include your favourite breakfast food on your special day.

1) A Picture Perfect Waffle Bar

Dessert bars are an amazing addition to any wedding reception, where once there may have only been one dessert available to guests, now they have a full selection that they can choose from and even prepare for themselves.

A waffle bar offers the perfect balance between sweet and savoury, your guests will love having the choice between toppings like bacon bits and maple syrup or fresh fruit and cheese.

2) Edible Centre Piece

Flowers are beautiful but they can get a little pricey, especially when they are at the centre of each of your tables. Instead, why not try making the decorative piece edible? It’s a treat that will be as decorative as it is delicious, especially when your guests get a little puckish during the speeches. Besides, what spells out love more than a heart-shaped waffle?

 3) Waffle Cakes

These melt-in-your-mouth waffle cakes are making their way into the wedding scene. Perfect for a mid-morning wedding, waffle cakes aren’t caked in icing (pun intended) and are a much lighter and more wholesome option for you and your guests.

Made as elegant or whimsical as you would like, waffle cakes can be dressed up or down and come in any possible variety of flavours you could ask for! We’ve prepared two of our favourites, a smooth and rich Double Chocolate Waffle Cake and luscious Cream Cheese Carrot Waffle Cake.

4) Wedding Favours

While you’ll be giving your guests the gift of waffles at your reception, send them home with the perfect waffle topping as a memento of your beautiful day. Torill’s Table honey comes packaged in perfectly gift-sized jars and comes in flavours like Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lavender, Ginger, and Lemon. Every time your guests use their honey they will remember the joy and love they felt while they celebrated with you on your big day.


5) Morning after Brunch

Still hungry for waffles? Already have your banquet plans lined up? Waffles can still be the perfect meal for your morning after brunch with cherished friends and family. With the smell of waffles in the air, your loved ones will await their turn to get their own waffle while sharing memories of the day before while you start creating memories of your new life together.

We believe in bringing joy into people’s lives through food and connection, both weddings and waffles are amazing ways to bring family and loved ones together to create lasting memories and share in moments of love.


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  • Lisa

    Stunning images!!
    What a wonderful idea.
    And now, I just want to eat a delicious waffle!
    How can I make a waffle cake?

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