Chefs Choice Waffle Iron – 5 Hearts Norwegian Style

Chefs Choice Waffle Iron – 5 Hearts Norwegian Style

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Torill’s waffles are best cooked in a Norwegian style waffle maker. The shallow unit allows the batter to cook evenly. We have chosen the Chef’s Choice Waffle iron for its quality craftsmanship and durability. Torill has tested and made over 20,000 waffles and is confident it is the most appropriate appliance for her product. It heats up quickly and has a variety of settings depending on your preference. Easy to clean with a quick wipe using a warm wet cloth.



Waffle “Ready” beeper and light
Unique Quad® Baking System
Instant temperature recovery
Easy clean overflow channel
Space saving, upright storage 1100 watts
Non-stick deep channel griddle
Floating hinge for uniform thickness
Built in chord storage
One year warranty

Why you'll love our waffles

Vegan Friendly
Dairy Free
Soy Free

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Healthy Fats

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