Torill knows...
healthy waffles

Torill’s Table waffle mixes come right out of Torill’s own kitchen. She adapted her mother’s recipe for the traditional Norwegian dessert ‘vafler’ to make it suitable for a healthy breakfast. Torill decided to sneak some hearty nutrition in the waffles that she made for her boys by adding wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour, oats, almonds, ground flax, and natural vanilla.

The result was a flavourful recipe popular with family and friends who started to ask for their own mix to take home. Eventually, the demand for her homemade waffles got too high and Torill realized she could share her Norwegian style waffles with the world by starting Torill’s Table. 

Why Gluten-Free?

You may be wondering why Torill is so passionate about providing high-quality gluten-free products. About 5 years ago, Torill discovered that she has a gluten intolerance.

This required her to start discovering gluten-free products. To her surprise, she learnt that the majority of gluten-free foods seriously lack many important micronutrients that are usually found in wheat, such as Vitamin B12, folate, fibre, and iron. Many breads, baking mixes, and desserts on the market had little to none of these important nutrients. The rare ones that did tasted almost nothing like their gluten-filled counterparts. Shortly after this discovery, Torill decided to go on a mission to create the perfect gluten-free formula- one with high quality nutrition and taste just like her Original waffle/pancake mix.

After almost 3 years of experimentation, Torill perfected her formula and is now proud to be providing it to many families and individuals that eat gluten-free!

You can trust that Torill’s Table food is good enough for your family because Torill made them for her family. And family is what Torill’s Table is all about.

Torill's Favourite Recipes

The Norwegian concept of Kos is at the heart of Torill’s recipe and of her philosophy of bringing loved ones together over good, healthy food.

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