Best of Calgary Foods Delivers 24 Local Foods Under One Collective

Best of Calgary Foods Delivers 24 Local Foods Under One Collective

Have you noticed a lot more deliveries to your neighbourhood in 2020? Chances are you’ve had a lot more deliveries yourself. The spring lockdowns across Canada and the United States suddenly made home delivery an essential service, more than a convenience. That’s not likely to change in the near - or possibly even far - future as Canadians have become accustomed to receiving goods like small kitchen appliances, hand sanitizer, electronics and even groceries on their doorsteps. 

Even with the relaxation of restrictions across the country, it’s expected that many people will elect to continue ordering online. Through a newly launched collective, Calgarians are now able to order delivery from twenty four of Calgary’s local food businesses through the newly formed collective Best of Calgary Foods. Torill’s Table is one of those companies offering products for home delivery alongside local icons such as Glamorgan Bakery and 2 Greek Gals

Several of the businesses already offer delivery service but combining twenty four suppliers through one online gateway means customers can order from several stores at one time and pay one single delivery fee. It’s a lot of convenience and cost saving for those working remotely and juggling parenting duties. And the safety of shopping from home during the second wave can’t be overstated.

The collective has been overwhelmed with orders since the recent launch. After the new lockdown in Alberta was announced, people in Calgary have been looking for ways to maintain an uninterrupted stream of groceries. And they've found it in Best of Calgary Foods! 

The launch was greeted by a flurry of attention by local media in the form of stories and interviews. Best of Calgary Foods was featured by CBC News, CTV News, Global News and Daily Hive. Torill’s Table alone saw nearly a hundred orders in the first week. “It’s been really gratifying,” owner Torill Myre says. “The excitement in the city surrounding the launch has been a nice surprise.” 

The collective is the brainchild of Alpine Sausage owner Janeen Norman who looked at what was currently available at the market and thought there has got to be a better way. 

"There are lots of different food categories. For example, alcohol, bakery, we've got meats, seafood, tea and coffee. We've got candies, we've got honey, we've got waffle mixes," Norman told CBC News. "Just a whole beautiful mix of products!"

There are no price markups through the collective so you pay the same as you would in store. Customers get their products delivered on Thursdays or Fridays between 3 PM and 8 PM on orders placed by the previous Friday. Best of Calgary Foods will deliver anywhere in Calgary with no surcharges for outlying neighbourhoods. They even offer subscriptions or standing orders so you can get your milk or waffle mixes automatically picked and delivered every week.

Go to Best of Calgary Foods and place an order today.

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