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Sandra L Barrera
Waffles and waffle maker

Absolutely love this product. So healthy too! Great snack for my grandkids !

Absolutely Amazing!

Finally a gluten free, dairy free mix that tastes great! Love this product. So glad I found it.

Won't use anything else

Recieved Torill's in a gift bag at an event in 2019 and it is the ONLY mix we have used since then. Great taste and the customer service has been great.

Great Product!!!

We love it, makes great waffles and gluten free, bought at Safeway and been looking for it ever since. So pleased I can order direct!!

Good product- very expensive to ship

I was satisfied with the product, but found the shipping to be exorbitant. Will not buy online again from the manufacturer, but would consider if I located it at my local grocery store.


Favorite mix!

Love this stuff! Hearty taste without the gluten.


Been using it for years

Family Favourite

My grandkids always ask for the Norwegian Heart “Pancakes”. I cover them with berries, “snow” (icing sugar) and of course whipped cream!

Best Mix Ever!

My grandkids these waffles! They may have already had breakfast at home, but when they come to Grandma’s, they want to eat again! We finish the waffles with fruit, maple syrup, whipping cream and snow (icing sugar).

The Best Waffle Mix

My family of 6 love this waffle mix. We add fresh fruit, with whipping cream and maple Syrup. This is our second order of 4 packages and I've gifted to loved ones too.

Love it!!!!

My whole family enjoys this product so much!!! We have members who cannot eat gluten so this product allows us enjoy our heritage without causing issues!!!
So delicious!

Original Waffle & Pancake Mix


I met Torrils rep on October 26th, 2019 at Canada Place Vancouver Health Show. The girl made me try a heart shape waffle pancake and that was it. I bought 2 bags, and when that was gone, I had a hard time finding where to buy it locally. I found it at East West Market on Main and bought the entire shelf. Now, I find it at London Drugs and still buy 6 bags at a time hehe
Im not a big eater at all, and I'm extremely picky, so I eat this morning noon and night sometimes. I just love everything about it. I make it really thin and light. Ive had friends and family over after the lockdown and feed them this, and they too are in awe. I've had to send them home with batter many times. So, the way I make it is: 1 cup mix. 1 egg. 250ml 2% milk, 1/4 Becel plant based margarine stick, salted, 1TSP cinnamon. I'll mix it all up in a big bowl and pour it into a tall coffee cup tumbler from Costco and pour it out into a pan sprayed with Avocado oil, med heat, ill pour a medallion sized drop and tilt the pan around so it becomes thinner. It fries quick, its more like crepes. Its SOOO yummy I wanna make them now! Oh and best part is, if you make the full ingredient version on the package, it lasts 10+ days in the fridge without spoiling. It actually even tastes better for some weird reason ha! Besides this tasting the ultimate BEST, I do have to confess that it makes you regular if you're not already. And living how many years not regular and finding a mouthwatering breakfast treat that helps you feel great throughout the rest of your day by getting your core gutt in top shape, its just priceless, and life changing. I've wanted to write my review for a long time, I just keep forgetting -- I'm too busy eating my waffles hehe

I have picky grandchildren to make sure they get a good start in the morning i use Torill’s waffle mix and add extra eggs to make sure they get enough protein along with all the other good ingredients

Sunday Breakfasts Made Perfect!

Fabulous delivery. I've loved this company for a long time! Was so excited to receive my box and it came very quickly! Going to be enjoying this all summer!

Best GF crepes I’ve ever had!

I’ve had celiac over 5 years and I’ve tried to tweak my moms crepe recipe for years. It’s never good. This mix makes the best texture and taste! No figuring out measurements, just use this mix!