Waffle on the outside...

Crepe on the inside! Torill's waffles are delicious, wholesome and nutritious, with no preservatives or fillers.

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Heart-shaped waffles

Inspired by gatherings that bring beloved friends and family around the table to create cherished memories.

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Gluten-free and original recipes

Filled with almonds, ground flax and whole grains, our waffles are filling, wholesome and healthy.

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Serve up some love

Create simple moments of joy around the table with loved ones and Torill's traditional Norwegian waffles. Beautifully crisp exterior, soft crepe-like inside, thanks to our pretty 5-hearts style waffle maker.

The centerpiece for 'Kos'

Torill's waffles come from a story of family, cherished friends and unforgettably cozy gatherings. Delicious waffles are just part of the story.

Versatile, heathy and nutritious

From cakes to pizza crusts, waffles aren't just for breakfast. See how Torill's waffles can become the foundation of any meal or occasion.

Made with wholesome ingredients

Waffle on the outside, crepe on the inside. Based on natural ingredients with no preservatives or fillers

Premium Waffle & Pancake Mix
  • Almonds

    Almonds are a potent brain food. They may also have a positive effect on memory function.

  • Buttermilk

    Buttermilk contains probiotics that help with digestion, boost immunity and protect against carcinogens.

  • Whole Wheat

    Whole wheat is a great source of fiber, which supports weight management and lowers the risk for metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes. It helps reduce inflammation in the body and is a great source of B vitamins and minerals

  • Flaxseed

    Some of the greatest benefits of ground flaxseed comes from Omega 3 which boosts heart and brain health, and inhibits tumor growth. Flaxseeds are great source of fiber and hence great for digestion and are anti-inflammatory.

A word from Torill

"Our passion is to bring joy into people's lives through food and connection. Food is love in action which without words speak loudly to the people it's being prepared for. Taking time to be together and enjoy each other around the table, while sharing moments of joy with food in the middle, is what creates memories of love.  It is something we need more now than ever." 
-Torill Myre

What is Kos?

Experience how a life full of kos means more love that is shared with friends and family. Waffles really do bring people to the table to laugh, eat and share joy

Start a new tradition at home

Create Kos (simple moments of joy) at home with delicious waffles that serve as the centerpiece for cherished memories.

Begin with Torill's Starter Set, including:

The traditional Norwegian heart-shaped waffle maker
2 bags of Torill's healthy indulgence waffle mix
And your choice: Gluten Free or Original Premium Waffle Mix


"Torill has managed to create a product that feels like a warm hug with every bite! These waffles define quality with every package and the entire atmosphere created by Torill's Table is like taking a cozy adventure to Norway. Forever happy to forever have a little piece of Norway in my pantry."

“Torill's Table has become a staple product in our home. My boys love the smell of the waffles when they are being made, and have their own ideas for what the 'best' toppings are. Rarely do we find a product that is local, diverse, healthy, and fits into our life on the go with hockey and school schedules."

“To all the waffle lovers in the world: You must try these! No more dried out, boring waffles for us. Torill's are moist and packed with flavour. They are so easy to make. And versatile - we like them with maple syrup or savoury cheese. Once you try them, you won't ever get anything else.”

"When we want a waffle, we choose Torill's waffle mix. It is easy to prepare and much healthier than any other mixes you can buy.  We think that the waffles taste great. They have the perfect crunch. Our favourite way to eat them is with a little maple syrup and raspberries."

"Torill’s Table waffle mix has been as much as a staple in our pantry as flour and sugar for years. Our family loves the waffles and so has everyone else that I introduce the mix to.

Not as heavy as traditional waffles, they are a real treat. Nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare. Our 20 year old son has been away at University for three years and at his request, his first breakfast when he arrives home for every holiday is always Torill’s waffles!"

"Soon after I met Torill, she was making waffles in her kitchen and sharing them with us. They were amazing. I recall her kids also bringing them to elementary school class leaving classmates wanting more. When Torill took her waffles to market, I was thrilled because I knew I could easily make them for my family and that they would not only be a delicious treat but an experience with family gathered around waiting for the next scrumptious waffle to be ready. Our family really enjoys Torill’s Table waffles. Now, I have gifted the gluten-free version to some gluten-free family and friends so that they may enjoy them too!"