Original Apple Walnut Crepe

When fall season happens, apple season is along for the ride. All the various types of apples you could imagine; from Granny Smith to MacIntosh to Honey Crisp, there are ways one could make a dish out of it. You could make apple pie, apple strudel, apple cake; the possibilities are endless.

With all the apples you have collected in the orchard, what do you do if there are apples that are almost overripe? You could compost it, but that would be a waste. What about making it into a filling? Elevate it with cinnamon and nutmeg and turn it into an “apple pie-inspired” crepes.

You could serve it with crepes as a nice, morning (or dessert) dish. It can be a great way to celebrate International Apple Day coming up in the month. Here’s a recipe for an “Apple Walnut Cinnamon Crepes!”


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