How to have a fun Halloween 2020

How to have a fun Halloween 2020

All Hallows’ Eve. More commonly known as Halloween. It’s the night spirits - in the form of ghouls and witches, alongside Harley Quinn and Dark Voyager from Fortnite - roam our streets on the hunt for souls. And candy. Mostly candy. A night when children, and the occasional teenager, celebrate the European pagan festival of Samhain the way it was intended: with a four hour sugar rush.

Our interns Ali and Jennie grew up celebrating Halloween like most kids in Canada by wearing costumes over top of snow gear and comparing their candy hauls from a night on the prowl. It’s an evening of fun that always brings friends and family together. 

Halloween in 2020, like most events and holidays this year, will probably look a little different. Some families will no doubt opt for staying or taking a smaller route for trick-or-treating. How can we celebrate this ghoulish holiday indoors with a bunch of rowdy kids in costumes? 

We’re a little biased but we think creating some food art by decorating pancakes and waffles might be a great idea. Foods like cakes and waffles are the perfect canvas to make into some scary spiders or zombies. And what’s better than edible art? It’s a way to expand your kids’ creativity while having some fun.

Here are some tips and tricks for decorating your Halloween pancakes and waffles:

1)  Enhance the spirit of the spooky season by using our pumpkin waffle recipe.

2) Melt some chocolate, dark or milk, into a Ziplock bag and cut a small hole in one of the corners. Instant pastry decorating bag!

3) Use candy like Reese’s Pieces or Smarts as spider eggs.

4) Melt some marshmallows to create gooey mummies.

Make sure to take a day of rest to recover from your sweet all nighter. 

From Torill’s Table to yours, have a happy and safe Halloween!

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