I'm Going on a Camping Trip and I'm Bringing...Waffles

I'm Going on a Camping Trip and I'm Bringing...Waffles

With another long weekend fast approaching, many of you might be headed camping in the coming days, or the few weekends we have left this summer. More often than not we associate roasting meals and/or snacks over the fire – so why not do the same with waffles?

Of course you’re probably thinking why would I take a heavy waffle iron camping with me. We understand that not that everyone goes camping in an RV or has access to power, which is why you don’t need to bring along your waffle maker with you on your weekend adventures. Pre-making waffles and bringing them along is the best way to enjoy Torill’s Table, with very little work to-do at your camp-site. Storing them in a cooler or the fridge and throwing them onto the heat of the fire, in the oven or on your cook stove when needed makes for some easy camping ideas!


S’MORES? Why not step up your s’more game and switch out those graham crackers to wholesome and delicious waffles? Some people like their marshmallows burnt and crispy, others golden brown – however you like them, roast them, and sandwich them with your favourite chocolate between two waffle hearts.

Roasting sausages or hotdogs is another easy camping option. It’s time to forget those boring old traditional hotdog buns and add a little extra flavor to your meal – why not wrap a freshly roasted sausage or hotdog into a full waffle?  Or whip up some pancakes for breakfast on the griddle and use the leftovers as a bun later in the day!

It’s safe to say that many campgrounds are close to various hiking trails and you might be headed out on a day trip. Of course, as you hike for a few hours and gain elevation to that summit, your body needs to be refueled! Packing along waffle sandwiches will not only curb your taste buds but also provide you with a source of protein and complex carbohydrates to allow you to keep trekking on.

Wherever your adventure takes you this long weekend, or any weekend, remember that your meals don’t need to be plain and boring because you don’t have the comforts of your kitchen. These are only a few ideas to kick start your weekend, Enjoy!

- From Our “Picnic” Table to Yours

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