Interested in Observing Advent This Year?

Interested in Observing Advent This Year?

For a lot of us, the word Advent conjures up images of calendars that we open up to expose some arguably substandard chocolates. The commercialization of many holidays have led to a lot of children holding their stomachs and uttering, “Never again.” But the tradition of Advent, or in Latin, Adventus, has its roots in the Christian church and is a way of celebrating the anticipation and the coming of the birth of Jesus.

It’s a four week celebration leading up to Christmas, a period of four Sundays and four weeks. Hence, the subpar chocolately Advent calendar for children. Traditional Advent calendars would feature behind their doors an image, a poem or story, an ornament, or a piece of candy. 

It’s not a wholly religious holiday, however, and many of us can celebrate it as a secular family time. Some families celebrate by doing daily crafts, baking food, playing games or lighting candles. However we do it, the central theme of Advent is family togetherness. In a year like 2020, family connectedness (even at a distance) has never been more important.

Advent isn’t even a period to think about ‘what to do’ but rather how we do it and who we do it with.  

Some ideas for a happy 2020 Advent with your family:

  • Observe Advent with the calendar and light extra candles every Sunday.

  • Place craft ideas behind several doors of the calendar. 

  • Take some time to be quiet and reflect and just destress 

  • Random acts of kindness 

  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude

Check out Christmas traditions and celebrations around the world and incorporate one of them into your family’s celebrations 

If you and your family have any fun Advent traditions, please share them in the comments with other readers! 

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