Meal Prepping Your Breakfasts

Meal Prepping Your Breakfasts

Hi, my name is Julia, I’ve been a fan of Torill’s mix for many years and for many different reasons, which eventually led me to work with her.  I have worked with Torill for the past two summers, and as I’m wrapping up my work for this summer and going back to university (online of course) I wanted to share my experiences with meal prepping and how it has given me my mornings back.

Meal prepping has become a huge trend in the past few years with some people devoting whole days to planning out and cooking every meal of the week, including snacks!  Meal-prepping is also a powerful dieting tool; you can plan out everything you will eat for one week, so you don’t get any surprise craving while shopping for dinner and can easily control calories/portions!  For close to 9 years, I’ve had Torill’s waffles – something I’ve already written about here.  But I also am a casual meal-prepper!  I like to reserve Sunday morning for cooking; breakfast for the week, a big batch of slow-cooker soup, and some fun things I can add together for lunch and dinner like roasted veggies or salads.  But don’t assume that meal-prepping is just for students, it’s a great tool for busy parents, health-conscious professionals, and anyone who wants more time to do what they would like to in the morning!

There are few greater joys in my life than sleeping an extra half hour because I can just re-heat some pancakes and scramble some eggs before going to class.  I get to wake up, pop my food in the microwave or skillet, get dressed, and then eat!  Better yet, if you’re cooking for multiple people instead of just yourself, it means much less work morning-of.

Torill’s Table mix is especially easy to meal prep.  I make a whole bag at a time, which usually feeds me for 2 weeks.  Add what you like to the batter and cook those puppies up pancake or waffle style.  After they’ve cooled and been taste-tested (the MOST important step), you can stack them one on top of the other and freeze them, separated with parchment paper to keep them from sticking together in the freezer. 

Now that you have your precious breakfast hoard ready, you can reheat them in the morning in a series of ways:

  • Pre-heat your waffle iron (save time and wash your face or get dressed while waiting on this step) and put in your frozen waffle for about 20 seconds to re-heat them without burning them.

(We recommend this for waffles because it maintains your waffle’s texture best – they taste exactly as if they were freshly made!)

  • Pop your frozen breakfast in the toaster and set it to defrost. This will give you a crispier waffle or pancake.
  • For the ultimate speed-demon experience, put your breakfast on a plate and pop into the microwave for about 45 seconds. Time will depend on your microwave’s settings and power level, so some experimentation is required.

You don’t have to be a sleep-deprived student to benefit from morning meal-prepping.  Not having to cook in the morning lets you ease into your day, leaving you time to read the paper or sit down and talk with family instead of cooking maniacally before rushing to get ready.
I can look over my lecture notes for the day, sit and meditate, or finish that genetics lab report that I totally did last night why are you looking at me like that.

The point being that if you want an easy, healthy, fast breakfast in the morning without cracking a single egg or taking a knife to a loaf of bread, consider some homemade frozen waffles or pancakes!

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