My Dad

My Dad

My dad is now an old man on the back end of his life. But that is now, and even though what I see is an old man, what I remember and know is something completely different.

My dad was a visionary from a very young age. Despite poor roots, he was determined to make something of himself and make a difference for his family and community. And he did! He is a classic story of someone who overcame adversity and made a difference. He got educated as an electrical engineer and despite great career offers down south he returned to my small home town where he was a significant part in bringing modern conveniences into people’s homes including electricity, electrical appliances, lighting, and entertainment including signals and TV’s. He supported his community and his family, and he was known to be the guy whom people could call if they needed help. If he was needed he’d show up. That was Henry Myre, my dad.

Growing up we did not see him too much, but he was committed to dinner at 4:30pm every day. On Sundays, he took over the kitchen and gave my mom a break. He made a darn good roast!

My dad lived to work. That’s how he was raised and that drive he instilled in us, his kids. Fortunately we all also learned to have some work-life balance too.

My dad, an unselfish man with a heart of gold. He did whatever he could to be of support and he was the eternal optimist. We were and still are his pride and joy and no matter what he’s always loved to follow and support us in our lives journeys.

Thank you for being you. I love you dad!❤️🇳🇴

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