What’s the To Do About Waffles? Oats Are Love.

What’s the To Do About Waffles? Oats Are Love.

There are waffles; and then there are waffles. What makes Torill’s Table both a unique sensory and nutritional experience?  

For one, once you take your first bite you know there’s something different, from the flavour to the texture-not to mention the aroma! The ingredients are chosen for their various nutritional, texture and flavour qualities and together they create a delicious and nutritious waffle or pancake.

These ingredients are what makes our waffles as delicious as they are nutritious:


-whole wheat




The ingredients play together like different notes in a symphony.  Alone they provide some ordinary goodness, but together they become extraordinary.  Both whole wheat and oats are a good source of fiber, but so are almonds and flax seeds, especially once they are ground. 

This time- let’s talk about oats:

Oats are both a source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are great for digestion, but also for feeling satiated.  They are also a nutritional powerhouse and a great source of protein, manganese, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B1, iron, selenium and magnesium.  They are even a great source of antioxidants-all in all a nutritional powerhouse; and this is only one of our great nutritional ingredients.

So while having ‘oats’ for breakfast in the form of a waffle sounds amazing- we have another idea that would take this nutritious ingredient to your next appetizer party! 

Little Dippers- You have your favorite dips...you know the one...or can you pick just one? Slices of waffles make a great vessel for hummus, spinach and artichoke dip, ranch or that ooey, gooey cheese sauce you just may be craving tonight.

Blog Contributed By: Jaralyn Monkman, mynourish.co

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