Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sugar do you use? 
Cane sugar                             


Where is the product packaged?
Burnaby, BC


Certified a gluten free environment?


What other products can I used instead of eggs and milk to keep it vegan?
Eggs: Flax eggs “fleggs” (ratio 1TBSP ground flax: 3TBSP water, stir well and let sit for a few minutes) or other egg alternatives
Milk: Any kind of dairy-free milk (almond, oat, ect.)
Butter: Replace butter with coconut oil (recommended) or vegan butter alternatives


How do the leftover waffles freeze?
Very well, they can be frozen in ziplock bags and reheated in the microwave, toaster or (preferably) a waffle iron to maintain texture


Best method to freeze them?
Put them in a ziplock bag and use wax paper to separate the waffles so you can take them out one at a time. Reheat in a waffle iron for best results


When will you make a sugar free version?


What types of nuts are in the mix?
Just almonds


What makes them so nutritious?
The combination of good quality ingredients including whole wheat, oats, almonds and flax seed, all in good amounts.  When made with buttermilk they also provide probiotics to help with digestion


Where do you source your ingredients?
Our co-packers source the ingredients from reputable Canadian ingredient suppliers.


Is the company local (Canadian)?
Yes, we are based out of Calgary AB, the product is produced and packaged in BC, and all our ingredients are Canadian-sourced


What other ingredients may I add to the mix to switch up the flavour? And will it affect the texture or recipe?
You can add cinnamon and other spices depending on what you want to eat them with - sweet or savory.  You can use milk substitutes such as chocolate milk, almond milk, oat milk and other dairy alternatives.  Just remember that when you take away dairy you also remove the fat, which help with nutrition absorption.  The best thing to do then is to add a little coconut oil or other butter alternatives.  We love using coconut oil as it makes the waffle nice and fluffy and it’s healthy


Can I make pancakes with the mix?
Yes, if you follow the Norwegian/heart-shaped style instructions, they will be thin like a cross between a pancake and a crepe. If you follow the Belgian style you will get more traditional pancakes


Where do you source your ingredients from?
Our co-packers source ingredients from reputable Canadian ingredient suppliers


How many waffles can one bag make?
Original 16, Gluten free 14


Can I use regular milk?  Yes, but you won’t get the many benefits of buttermilk.  It’s also a thinner liquid so you may want to hold back a little on the mix


Does it work with other waffle makers? 
Yes!  See notes below under section “Do I need a waffle maker”.


Is it organic?
No, see below


Why isn’t the mix organic?
Organic ingredients are very costly to produce, price wise and space-wise as you need a lot more land to produce organic foods for less yield.  We use a lot of expensive high quality ingredients without fillers or preservatives, which would be too expensive to produce if organically sourced.  Some organic waffle mixes fill out their mixes with fillers or use lower quality ingredients because of the high price of organic ingredients.  You get more from our mixes even if they aren’t organic because we use good amounts of good quality ingredients that are as nutritious as they are tasty


Do I need a waffle maker?
No, a Norwegian/heart shaped/thin waffle maker should be used to create our thin style waffles, but you can easily make the mix pancake style (Belgian recipe makes thicker pancakes) or use any other waffle iron.  Just make sure you follow instructions for the style of waffle maker you have.   If you want to make pancakes the same rules apply; for crepes use milk and add extra milk to thin out the batter to desired thickness.  For traditional pancakes follow the instructions for the Belgian waffles.


Where else can I find your products?
All of the store we sell in are on our website under the “Where to buy?” tab. You can also buy our mixes and other complimentary items online through the website


Why don’t you just use brown and white rice instead?
Rice is a limited source of nutrition and so we only use white rice because we have to use white rice to make the waffles rise.  We aim to maximize nutrition and taste in our gluten free waffles and make them on par with our original recipe because those categories are so often neglected in gluten free products.  We use other nutritious alternatives to brown rice and end up with a product almost identical to the original waffle


How long do they last if I freeze them?
A couple of months, just makes sure that the bag is sealed


How easy are they to make at home?
Very easy, like any other dry mix on the market you only need to combine the wet and dry ingredients and follow the posted instructions on the back


What are some good dry egg substitutes you can recommend besides hydrated flaxseed pulp?
Chia “eggs” or vegan egg alternatives like Earth Eggs.  You may need to add more milk/milk alternatives as these “eggs” don’t provide the same level of hydration to the mix as real eggs do.  We will have a comprehensive and well tested vegan substitution chart available shortly on our website


I tried making these at home and they didn’t turn out as good as yours… What am I doing wrong?
If you are having trouble, the instructions posted online at may be helpful.  If you are using milk or milk alternatives hold back on the amount of milk a bit as they are thinner liquids


Can you make crêpes with the mix?
Yes, you just need to add a little more milk to thin out the batter.  You can use buttermilk and add milk, but just milk is the best for crepes.


How much sugar?
6g of sugar for every 36 g of waffle (about 6%)


Where is the mix made?
Burnaby, British Colombia


Is there any cross-contamination with other nuts?
No, the processing facility does process peanuts, but they have very strict safety standard procedures to prevent any cross contamination, which they are audited for annually to prevent such risk.  The only nuts in or around the mix are almonds


Can I use water/milk/coconut milk/soy milk/almond milk/milk alternatives in the mix?
Yes, although you will need to add extra healthy fats (like butter or coconut oil-solid version) to replace the ones lost from the buttermilk in order to get the maximum nutritional value out of your waffles